How Does It Work

No Prepaid Credit? No Worries!
I'LL PAY or THEY PAY to Mobiles & Home Phones to connect with family and friends.
Simply Dial 686 323 (Mum Dad) Just follow the prompts. We will do the rest. It's easy!
If calling from a landline, dial 08000 686 323.

I'll Pay

No pre-paid credit? Want to call someone but not let them know your out of credit using our service? Then this option is for you. We ask you to enter the number you wish to call. Select I'll Pay and you can make the call now and pay for it the next time you recharge. No name is recorded and you will be directly connected the person you are calling. The person making the call pays for it via Premium SMS and you are only charge if you are both connected

They Pay

Normal Reverse Charge Call. We ask you to enter the number you wish to call, then ask you to record your name. Our service dials the number you entered and when the person you are calling answers the call we play them your name. Then we ask them to accept the charges and connect you both together. If the person you are calling has no credit they can pay for it the next time they recharge. The person receiving the call pays for it via Premium SMS and you are only charge if you are both connected.


Reverse Charge Calls can be expensive and are usually important and urgent calls. 08000MumDad provide a less expensive alternative called Pranking. This service is often used to message family and friends at a considerably lesser cost. If a customer declines a number of Reverse Charge Calls, the system will play a recorded announcement offering the customer the Pranking service or they will be barred from using the service in the future. If the customer accepts to become a Pranking customer they can continue to use either the Pranking service and pay for short messages, or the standard Reverse Charge Call service. An example of how Pranking may be 08000MumDad and the caller records a short message like "pick me up from the bus stop" instead of recording their name "Johnny" and the customer who receives the message can then either hang up after hearing the short message and pay the Pranking charge or accept the Reverse Charge Call. 

CallBack SMS

Particularly useful for those who consider themselves to be regular users of the 08000MumDad service. By selecting the Call Back SMS option you can send an SMS containing your number to the person that you wish to contact, The Receiving Party. The SMS will be sent to The Receiving Party allowing them the option to simply call you back. Call Back SMS does not cost The Calling Party anything. Charges do apply to The Receiving Party once they agree to the terms of the offer. Should you not receive a call back try making a Reverse Charge Call to the same number, or try another number.

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The Humble Telephone

08000MumDad FAQs That's right, you don't need the latest mobile device or be connected to the internet.

You can take advantage of our service from any landline or pay phone in the UK.

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